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Another frustratingly good episode of blockhead

I love blockhead but whenever i am finished watchin it i am so frustrated

internet_explorer stfu, it was amazing

internet_explorer said that you guys are idiots witht no talent that can't think of their own idea and cnat think of anything creative. and there was a disclaimer

anyway my favorite scene was the first one with the defcon guys
funny stuff and i can't wait till the next one

it was ok

it was ok but pretty stupid and it was a stupid ending but u could develop a series out of this but it will suck too

it was good style but really stupid

i mean like that bad guy got sefeated within like 10 seconds it wasn't worth my time but you can animate so keep working on your flash skills, thoe they are very good. i gave it a 3/5

ART-TRON responds:

meh, Bad Guys lose sometimes, But he will be back. All this is leading up to something big between these two characters.

one of the best flash i've ever seen

i have to say that was very cool even thoe i'm not a big fan of those turtles it was a very good flash movie, smooth animation, violence and a story. 5/5

the wierdest collab on newgrounds

i'm not gonna say that was bad but it deffinetly wasn't good and it was very odd so i gave it a 3/5

That was some funnys tuff

thats funny because for my bar-mitzvah that was my torah portion
that was a great flash and good humor too
keep up the good work

very nice and i liked the Streetlight manifesto so

The animation was pretty well and the story was good and the music just topped it all off

it was ok

to the reviewer below what are you gay? any way it was an ok animation
it was a little short your next episodes should be longer and have more jokes and more than 2 different voices
overall i give it a 7

speddyfeddy1234 responds:

7, its a start, I'll work harder on my next movies... then I'll own Newgrounds, then the internet, then Hollywood!!!

funny shit right there

that was a very funny movie, and it wasn't racist so if anyone says it is it isnt, its funny stuff and good animation good job!!!

hello i'm ray i make music enjoy! www.soundcloud.com/r ayginzburg

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