2015 Submissions

The Spanish Navy Experimental Song
softie Experimental Song
Too Many Hands Experimental Song
Trace This Ambient Song
Festive and Famished Experimental Song
SleepDraft Cinematic Song
Open Garage View Experimental Song
Diluted Cinematic Song
Hammocks Indie Song
Daily Dose General Rock Song
Lion Mask Blues Song
Spare Change Solo Instrument Song
Amateur Professional Ambient Song
Satellite Eyes Indie Song
Its Melted part 2 Ambient Song
Heavy Eric Indie Song
Its Melted Ambient Song
Its not a Pony Its a Little Ho Ambient Song

2013 Submissions

1940s Cinematic Song
Hallways Experimental Song
CRIMINALS Experimental Song
Plain Planes Ambient Song
Folds Experimental Song
City Forests Experimental Song
Still Solo Instrument Song
Pulp Dream General Rock Song
Green Tinted Windows Miscellaneous Song
Everyday Magic Miscellaneous Song
Red Snow and Harlots Classic Rock Song
Drift Ambient Song
Save Our Kings General Rock Song
Dempsy Jones General Rock Song

2012 Submissions

WAVE Ambient Song
BAEG General Rock Song
Busy Ocean General Rock Song
Before It Takes Us General Rock Song
SAND General Rock Song
Stretch Miscellaneous Song
Cliff Classic Rock Song
Misty City Daydream Miscellaneous Song
TIGERS Miscellaneous Song
Blind Miscellaneous Song
Barriers of Flight Miscellaneous Song

2008 Submissions

-Under- General Rock Song
Damp Room Miscellaneous Song

2005 Submissions

7:77 pm Indie Song